DAY 3 – Violence Prevention Coordinating Council of Durham’s #loveshouldnthurt Youth Summit

The Violence Prevention Coordinating Council – VPCC is a community network of over 30 organizations, agencies and individuals committed to the prevention, detection, prosecution and treatment of all forms of violence and abuse against women, youth, children and the elderly.

Research indicates that when youth and children experience violence in their home, in starts a cycle of abuse that continues to repeat itself generation after generation. The best way to change the incidence of violence in relationships is through prevention.

The VPCC is bringing together youth leaders from highschools across the region for a day of learning, interaction and engagement to teach them about violence in relationships – how to recognize it, how to prevent it and how to support someone experiencing it. They will then return to their schools to spread the message to their peers that #loveshouldnthurt.

Companies Who Care is proud to support this important event to end the cycle of violence and promote youth mentoring youth, youth supporting youth and youth changing the lives of youth.

Because #loveshouldnthurt.

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