With the end of the school year in sight, we are reminded that some families simply do not have the resources to pay for childcare over the summer months – whether through a babysitter, camp or other community program. This means that some children are uprooted and placed in transitional housing for the summer or left to fend for themselves.

Each summer, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery offers summer arts camp programming to local children looking to explore their creative side, meet new friends and learn new skills. The Gallery collaborates with Principals and Caseworkers from The Denise House, Mary Street PS, Village Union PS and Hillsdale PS to provide art programming placements for those kids facing the toughest challenges. When necessary, they may even provide transportation, special assistance for children with differing abilities, lunches, snacks, etc. to ensure camp is accessible for these children so deserving of a the opportunity to have some fun and just be a kid!

Companies Who Care are PROUD to support RMG’s 2019 Art for All summer arts camp program with a donation of $5,000. This will provide over 500 hours to explore, engage and empower local children in need.

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