Last month, a few of our Core Members had the pleasure of visiting an incredibly special organization doing amazing work in the community!

Nova’s Ark Charity is a true hidden gem. Situated on a peaceful, private ten acre parcel of land on the outskirts of Brooklin, they provide a welcoming environment where they offer stimulating experiences and programs for individuals of all ages and abilities. The Owner’s previous educational background, an extensive collection of gentle therapy animals and a contingent of loving, enthusiastic and dedicated staff and volunteers make this place truly MAGICAL!

We were welcomed with open arms and given a grand tour of the facility. We met their many animal therapists, heard all about their programs and witnessed first hand the many smiling faces engaging in a wide variety of fun and educational activities.

Their motto is “WHERE SPECIAL IS WELCOME” and this is a special place indeed. Thank you for hosting us and for all you do!

We are truly beyond words.

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