Instead of big charities with big marketing budgets, Companies Who Care is seeking out the smaller, grassroots  organizations where $1 really goes a long way to helping the end user.

If you would like to submit a request for support, we ask that you provide a written request inclusive of the following information:

  • Tell us about your organization (i.e. a brief summary of your history, the work you do, the funding you receive, your clientele, etc.).
  • Request a specific donation amount and quantify how it will be used (i.e. $2500 to send 10 kids to summer needs camp for 4 weeks).
  • Confirmation that our donation will not be used for management/administrative costs and how you will ensure it goes directly to the end user.
  • Provide us with a contact name so that we can reach you if we have additional questions or would like to arrange a site visit.

Prior to submitting your request, please review the page entitled “Our Mandate” to ensure that your cause is in line with our established funding criteria.

Depending on the volume of requests, the availability of funds and the schedules of our Core Members, it may take several weeks before a decision can be made regarding your request. If your request is related to a specific holiday or time of year, we highly recommend submitting well in advance to ensure that the review process can be completed in time for your program. In addition, please note that funding requests are limited to a maximum of once every six months for any particular organization.

We know that there are many, honourable local organizations who’s staff and volunteers work tirelessly to make life more enjoyable for those needing support. We sincerely commend all of you and encourage you to continue to be examples of charity and goodness in our local community. You are the real heros!