We are thrilled to announce a donation of $4,826.36 to Catholic Family Services of Durham to outfit both their Oshawa and Ajax locations with therapeutic art and play therapy supplies.

Unfortunately, clients of CFSD are often young children and teens who have been abused or have been witnesses to domestic violence in their homes. Children and adolescents are more likely to engage in therapy when therapeutic games, toys and art supplies are made available. CFSD gave countless examples of cases where these supplies made all the difference for the children in their programs. Government funding does not cover the cost of these supplies and their current inventory consists of donations of used items from staff or dollar store alternatives that are damaged and quickly broken. There has never, in the history of the organization, been an initiative to purchase a new full set of proper therapeutic play and art supplies. Companies Who Care decided to change this by providing a full inventory at both CFSD locations.

Over 500 children and teens visit CFSD every year after experiencing trauma in their homes. We wanted to give these children every opportunity to heal and to go on to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives!

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