Sometimes the work of Companies Who Care is not glamorous. Sometimes it’s just simply practical and without much fanfare. But that doesn’t mean its not important or without positive impact.

At Sunrise Youth Group, every morning in Day Program and at the start of each Rec Program, the group begins with “opening circle”. This is an opportunity for all Members, Staff and Volunteers to sit together on the couches in a large circle and share what they’ve been up to, the latest goings on, their plans for they day, etc., etc. It promotes social interaction and a family atmosphere.

Sunrise Youth Group advised that they recently had to dispose of two large couches and are running short on seating as a result. In addition, the remaining couches are not easily cleaned and are long overdue for replacement.

Enjoy making many more happy memories Sunrise!Companies Who Care has donated funds to allow them to buy two new leather-like couches to ensure they can continue to provide a welcoming and interactive environment for the many Members that visit their facility each day.


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