A few months ago, we were told of the story of a local Oshawa couple and their amazing efforts to spread love in their community. You can find them at Memorial Park in Oshawa EVERY Sunday handing out free food, drinks, basic necessities, hugs and encouraging words to anyone that feels they are in need. No questions asked, no expectations, just unconditional love.
They created the group Ask Me Why I’m Here – AMWIH which is a social movement based on altruism. The focus of the group is to connect people who want to make a positive difference, while actually making a measurable difference by providing basic necessities and emotional support for those in need.
We were incredibly touched by the level of generosity and commitment that this couple has shown.They have been there every weekend for almost 4 years with the vast majority of the supply costs being borne by them personally!
By way of a surprise financial donation, Companies Who Care wanted to show this couple that their amazing efforts to help their fellow man/woman are recognized, appreciated and encouraged.  
Keep up the good work Jon and Amanda!!!
The world is a better place because of you.

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