Companies Who Care received a request from Their Opportunity to sponsor an amazing summer sports program that supports approximately 8,000 children in Oshawa!

The City of Oshawa donated the use of 16 park so that Their Opportunity could run free drop-in sports camps throughout the summer. The parks are located in key neighbourhoods where families may not have the resources to send their children to camps/daycare during the summer months.

Companies Who Care donated $2,500 to outfit 2 of the 16 parks with the necessary equipment so that attendees can experience a variety of sports like baseball, basketball, soccer, cricket, etc. In addition, our donation includes a scholarship for one under-serviced camp attendee to participate in a fully-funded, year-round recreational program of their choice.

Their Opportunity believe that EVERY child should have equal access to sports programming regardless of household income and Companies Who Care are proud to be able to support them in their 2019 summer Parks Program!

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