Running Companies Who Care is a TON of work.

We didn’t realize when we launched this little initiative, just how much was involved in running the day-to-day, staying on top of the ongoing correspondence, vetting the various groups requesting funding, seeking donations from both new and existing Partner Members, updating our social media platforms, organizing our Partner Appreciation & Networking Events and spreading the word about Companies Who Care. All without spending a dime of course!

However, there are so many things that make all that effort worthwhile. The heartfelt thank yous (and sometimes tears of joy) when we deliver a donation cheque to a worthy organization. The thoughtful updates from recipients who share with us the amazing impact our support has had on their group. The guest stories shared at our Partner’s Event, where we hear that “Suzie” or “Johnny” who was completely withdrawn, had no self-confidence or was acting out FINALLY had the opportunity to experience fun and friendship without the burden of life’s challenges.

And finally, when a Partner Member sends in their annual donation yet again, we are reminded that we are doing something right and our Partners are counting on us to make sure their donation does all it can to help those in need in our community. Without further ado, we would like to graciously welcome back Independent Project Managers, Mutual Mechanical, UA Local 401HTS Engineering Ltd, DM Enterprise, Space Age Electric, Greater Toronto Fire Protection and TD Commercial Banking. Without your support as our Partner Members, there would be no Companies Who Care!

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