As we all weather the 2nd wave and make adjustments to Durham’s new Red Zone classification, we are reminded that this pandemic is far from over. After nine months, many have depleted their savings and/or emergency funds and just putting dinner on their family’s table has become a real challenge.

Throughout this pandemic, it has been our goal to ensure our assistance has been as far reaching as possible, and at the very least, that those in need do not have to go without life’s most basic needs.

As such, through the help of our amazing network of donors, or “Partners” as we like to call them, we donated $5,000 to Feed the Need in Durham. For every $1 donated, FTND can collect, store and distribute $7 worth of food to those in need including many local food banks, social service agencies, in-school breakfast programs, shelters, emergency meal programs and soup kitchens.

The need has NEVER been greater.

We are comforted knowing we can assist Feed the Need to continue the important work they do to ensure our community does not go hungry.

Be safe everyone.

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