As you know, it’s been a very unusual, unexpected and difficult two and a half years. In early 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, Companies Who Care donated the equivalent of $25,000 to several different non-profit organizations whose focus was providing the most basic of life’s needs – food and safety – to countless community members being impacted by COVID-19. Just before Christmas 2020, we donated another $10,000 to 5 different groups to put food on holiday tables and some gifts under the trees of local children. Unfortunately, that just about depleted our bank account, but we all took comfort knowing those funds were available when needed most.

We took a bit of a hiatus the last 20 months as it seemed like an inappropriate time to be petitioning our fellow businesses for donations. Many were struggling and no one was sure what the coming months had in store. Even now, we’re still not sure if the time is right for donation requests but we are putting the feelers out and hope to raise some funds in the coming months.

We are READY to come back and we are READY to get back to helping all those grassroots organizations that need us most.

If you are a past Partner Member/Donor and wish to continue supporting Companies Who Care in all we do, we would be forever grateful for your donation.

If you are a charitable organization looking for support, visit our website for instructions for submitting a funding request.


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