Companies Who Care is a non-registered, not-for-profit corporation that was formed by a group
of local Oshawa business owners through a desire to pool resources to help the local
community in a big way. The concept was born while casually discussing the “100 Men, 100
Dollars” phenomenon and the amazing things that can be accomplished when people come
together to work towards a common goal. The concept being that if they each committed to
making an annual donation for 3 years, but took it a step further and encouraged 5 business
associates each to join them, the group could really have a monumental positive impact on the
local community.

And so, Companies Who Care was born!

The individuals in the group also discussed the volume of charity request calls their businesses
received and how it was a challenge deciding which groups to support to ensure the full value
of their donation went to the end user and not management or administrative costs. This is a
challenge and concern borne by many trying to make a difference but unsure of which
organizations were the “good guys”.

Companies Who Care was formed for the sole purpose of collecting funds and then distributing
100% of donations to various grassroots organizations throughout our local community. We
personally research the prospect groups to ensure they are reputable, sustainable and are
making a positive difference in the community. Any donation recipient must ensure that 100%
of the funds go to the end user and not to management or administration costs. Companies
Who Care does the research so that Partner Members can be assured that 100% of their
donation is going directly to reputable and worthwhile community services groups and the
people they help.

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